My very first Star Wars Blog

Happy Saturday to my fellow bloggers!!

Whoa, I am so excited and yet intimidated to be doing this. I know that I will receive some positive feed back but also some very harsh feed back. Well, what ever your M.O. is, you are more than welcomed to share thoughts with me.

So, a little bit about myself then eh? My name is Rene P. Vinet Sr. I was born in the city of Marrero, Louisiana but, now I reside in the great state of Texas. I am 38 years old, I have 3 beautiful sons who love Star Wars as much as I do! I have a very wonderful and beautiful wife who would be the envy of Padme and Leia alike. We have been together pushing 19 years and married 18 of those wonderful years.

My love of Star Wars is what I want to share with you all. Like many of my fellow fans, it begin as a child. Return of the Jedi was the first of the saga that I remember seeing. After that, it was The Ewoks, The caravan of Courage. As a child these were the perfect two movies to start a “healthy” life long obsession with.

My love for Star Wars was brought on by a sense of abandonment. Star Wars was the only thing I actually felt loved me as a child.To understand this, I may have to fill you in on my childhood. Wait a moment, I just have to say WOW! This is such good therapy. My wife was right. She is the one who encouraged me to do this. Okay, I am back on track. So, like so many out there, daddy left before I was born. Due to my moms infidelity, he denied me as his offspring. She also had and still to this day has an addiction problem. She was very angry and manipulative. So when she would be in her bed for days, sick from withdrawal and raging, I would be in my room. My room was like my own Fortress of Solitude. I had a TV and VCR and all 3 of the original movies. I had a nice size collection of original Star Wars action figures and even the Micro Machine playsets too. Though, I sadly lost them thanks to Hurricane Katrina.

When I was being blamed for her life or just feeling sad because my father did not try to yet again reach out to me. Star Wars became my security blanket and source of my happiness. This happiness was greatly increased in 1991. I saved up all I could and purchased my first Star Wars novel. I was so proud of myself. I actually did all this work for my beloved Star Wars. That book title was Heir To The Empire by Timothy Zahn. I read this book 5 times before the next book in the trilogy was released. My love for Star Wars just went from there. I even convinced my sons to watch Star wars with me oneday and guess what? The love for Star Wars runs strong in my family. My sons have it, I have it, and, my wife has it. Oh man that was adorable! lol!

Well I want to thank each and every fan out there for helping keep Star Wars alive for me. To this day it is still my security blanket. I also want to thank any and all who take time to read my very first blog and share this moment with me. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on Star Wars and also REALLY look forward to reading your own……….

DarthBloggerTheWise was here………………..

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