The Imperial Stormtrooper

Happy Sunday to you all! Thought I would pop in and start yet another fun-loving Star Wars conversation. Today I want to share my thoughts, as well as hearing your own thoughts on The Imperial Stormtroopers.



I remember as a kid always being kind of confused at all the dread and fear that the presence of one of these menaces would strike into the heart of the galaxy’s people.downloadfile-6 I mean come on, Luke faced down the barrel of a squad of them and came out unharmed loads of times.j29AW So what is the big deal over here? Were they truly that fearsome? Or was it all a propaganda tactic by the empire?

I found the answers to my questions in the movie Rogue One. As we all know, the Stormtrooper originated from the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter known as Jango Fett. He would be the template for the Republic Grand Army of clones.downloadfile-4 After The Chancellor announced himself the Emperor of the New Galactic Empire, The Clone Army would be renamed The Imperial Stormtroopers. Lets face it. If you have seen Attack Of The Clones or Revenge Of The Sith, than you know that the clones were the best of the best of the best. So how did this superior Corp go from wiping out the Jedi, to missing their mark 3 feet in front of them? The answer is, it was the will of the force through the prophecy of Balance.

I noticed it in Rogue One, with the introduction of Chirrut Îmwe. downloadfile-3 This blind, former Jedi(Him being Jedi is my opinion and not fact) on countless times has dispatched a number of Stormtroopers at the same time. At the climatic conclusion of the film, he walked across the battle field, blaster fire raining down all around him,downloadfile-2 and completed his task un harmed. It wasnt’ untill the will of the force was done, that he was made vulnerable again. Now, fast forward one month or so. We have Luke, Ben Kenobi, Han, Chewie, and Leia on board the Death Star moon. No wait, thats no moon. It’s a space station!(I couldn’t help myself.) So we have the very small fellowship of the force,

B7W6MM  FILM Star wars
Star Wars la guerre des etoiles Star Wars Annee 1977 usa Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Realisateur George Lucas…B7W6MM Star Wars la guerre des etoiles Star Wars Annee 1977 usa Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher Harrison Ford Realisateur George Lucas

sneaking around the very belly of the beast. The galaxys most elite fighting force surrounding them by the thousands, and yet these few survive? tumblr_o0g0ynlHaj1sa11jco1_500

It was not luck, no way. “In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.” – Obi Wan Kenobi. It darn sure wasn’t the skill of a pair of vetern smugglers, an old jedi and his farm boy pupil, and a very hot princess.


It was just a very simple case of the will of the force. If you look at it as a great big game of cosmic chess, it will be easier. The force put all these pieces in place. From the birth of The Chosen one, to Luke and Leia being born, to Chirrut establishing the communication connection, to the rebel that survived long enough to ensure the plans made it safely aboard Leia’s ship, to the star destroyer not shooting down the escape pod where R2D2 and C3PO were hiding, to the Jawas selling them to The Lars homestead, to Obi Wan being right were Luke was attacked by the Tuscan Raiders, to Han shooting first, to he legion of death troopers missing their every mark, and just jumping all the way to the moment Luke denys the Emperor his will in him kiilings his own father and taking his place, to Vader killing the Emperor, to Vader dying and to Luke becoming the Grand Jedi Master. I believe Luke was the true embodiment of the force but that is for another post.

So how did I do on my second post? If it was good, or if it was bad isn’t as important as the fact that I had major fun! Hope to be reading some of your own thoughts in our Star Wars universe. Have a good day folks!


DarthBloggerTheWise was here…….

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